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Dwingelderveld National Park is a national park of the Netherlands in the province of Drenthe, founded in 1991. The park covers about 37 km2 (14 sq mi) and is mainly managed by the State Forest Service (Staatsbosbeheer) and the most important Dutch private nature management organisation Natuurmonumenten. It is the largest wet heathland of Western-Europe. Dwingelderveld is also designated as a Natura 2000-area. The most characteristic features of the park are the large heath lands. The structure of the terrain is quite varied with relatively high sandy hills and wet lower parts, including many fens. Some of these fens are pingo-ruins from the last glacial.

In former days the heath was in use as a part of the agricultural system. At present it is not the case anymore so new ways have to be found to keep the heath in its present condition and to prevent the growth of trees. Sheep are still in use - there is a sheepfold in the park, but also cows are used to graze, and special machines are developed to manage the heath. In the park, one of largest Dutch juniper thickets can be found.

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Natuurpark Dwingelderveld 23 04 2019

Dwingelderveld natuurmonumenten - Europe's Largest Wet Heathland In The Mist (2020)

Het is ‘oorverdovend stil’ op het Dwingelderveld (2020) (Dutch)

By drone

Nationaal park Dwingelderveld with a drone October 2016

Drone - Dwingelderveld (2020)

Dwingelderveld (2017)


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