Why this site?

Travel virtually with me to every corner of the world. Just do that from the comfort of your home, while saving the environment. It's free!

The purpose of the site is to reduce the number of people's yearly travel movements and to give everyone a chance to visit every corner of the world, even if you are not normally able to do so.

  • In this site you'll find hundreds of travel tips on YouTube.  I will lead you to the most beautiful travel reports from travelers who really made these trips.  And .... you travel with low CO2 emissions!  
  • You can also fly with me 'personally' on 'MyVirtualFlights'. 
  • You don't really go on a trip, but you view locations via a video on your screen.
  • Everything can be viewed via laptop, PC, Mac, tablet and telephone. Stream to Google Chromecast or Apple TV.

My name is Allard Bijlsma and I am your pro deo virtual tour guide.
Are you traveling with me virtually?

Me visiting the
city of Tallinn (Estonia)

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