By air balloon

Flying a hot air balloon gives a wonderful experience of peace and quiet
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Cappadocia - Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey: Hot-Air Balloon Ride (2015)

Hot Air Balloon Ride with Royal Balloon in Cappadocia Turkey! (2017)

Amazing Hot Balloon Rides Over Beautiful Place and Cappadocia, Turkey (2017)

Luxor - Egypt

Flight Over Luxon in Egypt in a Hot Air Balloon 4K (2019)

Egypt, Luxor - hot air balloon  (2019)

Hot Air Balloon Over Luxor Egypt (2020)

Grand Canyon - USA

Grand Canyon Hot Air Balloon Flight 10/23/2016

Grand Canyon Hot Air Balloon Flight 12/15/2020

Arizona (Air Balloon & Grand Canyon) (2020)

Bagan - Myanmar

Relaxing Balloon Flight Over Bagan, Myanmar (2020)

Ballooning over Bagan - Timelapse of a full season flying in Myanmar (2020)

Balloon Over Bagan - UNESCO World Heritage Centre in Myanmar (2019)

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