Trip to planet Mars

One of the most imaginative future journeys will be traveling to Mars. Videos already show exactly how we are going to do that, but no one has already made this journey. All videos are directly played on YouTube.
Choose your virtual journey.  (examples of what you can find in YouTube)

SpaceX's Starship: Journey to Mars (2020)

This Will Happen on Mars by the Year 2058! (2019)

Departure to Mars - Conquest of a Planet | SPACETIME - SCIENCE SHOW (2019) (50 min)

MARS MISSION BY 2022 | Space Documentary 2020 (55 min)

China's Tianwen -1 Mars Mission! (2020) (13 min)

What Would A Million Person Mars Colony Look Like? (2020) (8 min)

7 ways a trip to Mars could kill you (2016)

Humans to Mars (2017)

MARS - A Traveller's Guide to the Planets | Full Documentary (2017) (50 min)

Live Mars Cam

WATCH: Mars Cam Views from NASA Rover during Red Planet Exploration #Mars2020

Naar Mars in 2020 (Live stream 16 juli 2020)

Mars 2017, Curiosity Rover

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