Cruises around the continent of Antarctica & Oceania

It is wonderful to catch the sun and the wind high on the deck of a cruise ship. Unfortunately, making one cruise is not very environmentally friendly. Perhaps it is better to book your cruises virtually. In this part you will find a sneak preview.

Examples of what you can find in YouTube:


Should a French Polynesia Cruise Be On Your Travel Bucket List ? 4 Pros and 4 Cons Revealed ! (2019)

Carnival cruise | Sydney - Port Vila, Vanuatu - Noumea, New Caledonia (2020)

Ovation of the Seas - Supercruising in Australia (2016)


Cruise around New Zealand on the 'Ovation of the Seas'. (2019)

Ovation Of The Seas | Embarkation Day (Day 1) | South Pacific Island Cruise (2020)

CRUISE Vacation Vlog Day 1- PO Cruises Pacific Dawn (2019)

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