Future of tunnels, bridges and waterways

Because most people live on the coast or on a river, there is an increasing desire to connect parts with a tunnel or a bridge. In this section a look into the future. I also unlock videos about some recently opened tunnels and bridges. All videos are directly played on YouTube.

Choose a project:  (examples of what you can find in YouTube)

Projected tunnels

China’s Proposal for a Bohai Strait Tunnel (2020)

Norway’s $47BN Coastal Highway (2018)

New York’s Proposal for a Tunnel to Long Island (2020)

Denmark is Building a Tunnel to Germany (2020)

Finland's Plans for a Tunnel to Estonia (2020)

Japan’s Proposal for a Tunnel to Korea (2020)

Projected waterways

Serbia’s Plans for a Canal to The Mediterranean (2020)

Thailand's Plans for a $28 Billion Canal Across Itself (2020)

The Insane Chinese Plan to Build a Canal Across Nicaragua (2020)

Hyperloop project

Hyperloop projects: Elon Musk gets nod from Maryland for hyperloop tunnel (2017)

Inside Dubai’s $22 Billion Dollar Hyperloop (2020)

Hyperloop Explained (2018)

Already built tunnels

12 Tunnels That Will Blow Your Mind (2019)

The 10 Longest MEGA-Tunnels In The World (2015)

Going Back to the Future, Walking thru original tunnel in Back to the Future (2019)

Projected bridges

The Doha Sharq Crossing : Qatar Extraordinary Mega Project (2018)

Crossing an Ocean: The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (2018)

World's longest sea bridge! Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to boost logistics (2018)

The UK's Plans for a Bridge to Ireland (2020)

Italy's Proposal for a Bridge to Sicily (2020)


Already built bridges

Øresund Bridge 4K (2016)

Italy opens new Genoa bridge (2020)

New bridge cements Russia’s hold on Crimea (2018)

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