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Learn to fly yourself

I make all flight trips in MyVirtualFlights with the help of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. If you have a fast computer with a lot of memory or a new Xbox, you can buy and install this program yourself. You can then fly to any place in the world. I enjoy a nice (geographical) flight every day. You can buy Microsoft Flight Simulator in every gamestore and in the Microsoft Store (English). It's included in the Xbox Game Pass. There are several versions: Standard, Deluxe and Premium Deluxe.

If you want to learn to fly yourself, I recommend the free starters flying lessons of the Digital Aviator, which you can click below.
Digital Aviator also has an extensive paid course in Udemy.  [ expected early 2021 ]

Learn to fly with Microsoft Flight Simulator

Digital Aviator is a young guy from the city of Groningen in the Netherlands, who regularly posts new flights and explanatory videos in his channel. Do you appreciate what he does? Then subscribe to his channel.

Go to his channel on YouTube: [ click here

Europe Tour with Digital Aviator

Digital Aviator has made an extensive flight over Europe in the period from the end of 2020 into 2021. During the flight you will receive an explanation of flying and an explanation of the areas over which you are currently flying. An educational journey of many hours!

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