Experiencing a Total Solar Eclipse (2020)

Total solar eclipse plunges parts of Chile and Argentina into darkness (2020)

2017 Total Solar Eclipse - Greenville, SC

Planets of our sun

Saturn through my Telescope (2017)

Uranus and Neptune through my Telescope (2017)

Jupiter through 10" Newton Telescope (2015)

I Took a Picture of MARS Through my Telescope (2020)

P900 zoom test moon, mars and saturn! (2016)

Mars seen by Hubble 2018 (2018)


Total Lunar Eclipse (2017)

Moon through my Telescope (Live Video) (2018)

witchcraft 101 | moon phases and rituals (2020(

Komets & asteroids

I filmed Comet Neowise with my 12 inch Telescope (2020)

Meteor Hits Russia Feb 15, 2013

Geminid Meteor Shower 2020 in Real-Time


ISS through my Telescope (2019)

Earth Views: Earth From Space Seen From The ISS (2019)

WATCH: Astronaut Spacewalk Earth Views from NASA (2020)

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