Visit a planetarium  |  look into the space

In a planetarium you can look very far into space through large binoculars. There are even telescopes in space, which can see even further than we can from Earth.
Choose your planetarium.  (examples of what you can find in YouTube)

Large telescopes

The Very Large Telescope (VLT) - Our tour through a technological wonder - Paranal, Chile (2019)

Virtual tour of the Parkes Observatory Radio Telescope 'the dish' (2019)

The Telescopes of Mauna Kea (2012)


Virtual Planetarium: Sun Moon Stars (2020)

Virtual Planetarium Tour! (2020)

New York City video tour of the Hayden Planetarium  (2018)

Hubble telescope

Cosmic Journeys - Hubble: Universe in Motion (2015)

What has Hubble seen in our Solar System? | Hubble Space Images Episode 9 (2019)

Relaxing Music + Best Hubble Telescope Images  (2019) (3h30m)

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