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All videos made by myself, using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Each flight is linked to a geographic, historical or television theme.
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Tourist hotspots

Erasmus Bridge - Rotterdam

Keukenhof - tulip fields

Windmills Kinderdijk

Dutch tulip fields (The Netherlands)

Zaanse Schans (The Netherlands)

Geographical hotspots

Waterdunen - Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

Radar Tower Maasvlakte

The Zuidplaspolder - below sea level (The Netherlands)

The Afsluitdijk - closure of the IJsselmeer. Protection from the sea.

Seaport Groningen - upcoming seaport with a focus on renewable energy.

Dutch Wadden Islands. From Texel to Schiermonnikoog.

Historical hotspots

A bridge too far - dropping fields september 1944 near Ede, Wolfheze, Oosterbeek and Arnhem. (The Netherlands)

Former coal mines in Limburg | closed since 1974 (NL)

My hometown: Ede

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A tour of Ede (The Netherlands)

Municipally of Ede (The Netherlands)

Amersfoort to Ede-Wageningen | follow the railway (The Netherlands)

Following the Rhine River

From Duisburg to Nijmegen - River Rhine #10 (Ger/Neth)

River IJssel to Zwolle - River Rhine #11c (The Netherlands)

From Zwolle to the North Sea - River Rhine # 12b (The Netherlands)

The River Lek - Rhine River #11b

Room for the river Waal - River Rhine 11A (The Netherlands)

River Merwede to Rotterdam - River Rhine #12a (The Netherlands)

The Haringvliet Dam - Rhine #13A (The Netherlands) 

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