About this site

The purpose of the site is to reduce the number of people's yearly travel movements and to give everyone a chance to visit every corner of the world, even if you are not normally able to do so. "Virtual traveling gives you peace of mind, is better for the environment and you still learn a lot from it."

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More about me: 

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  • I'm a level 9 Google Guide: got more dan 36 million views of my reviews and photos in 2020.
  • All about me: have been a teacher (geography and history and ict) for 22 years.
    I'm specialized in digital testing, digital photography, virtual geography.


  • Country information: Wikipedia.
  • Photos:  by the author or Pixabay.com (free) or stockphotos (paid account).
  • Maps: MapBox (paid account) and Openstreetsmap (open source).
  • Videos 'flights': opdendrieberg.
  • Videos 'flight simulator lessons': Digital Aviator.
  • Videos 'trips':  the relevant creators on YouTube.

Shown places in the moving header:

Moeraki Boulders (NZ) - Paramaribo old houses (SU) - New York cityview (US) - Plitvice Lakes (CR) - Kinderdijk windmills (NE) - Santorini (GR) - Pyramids of Gizeh (EG).

Side note on the comment 'low CO2 emissions': when traveling virtually you use video data, which is played on Google's servers. This takes a lot of energy. Google is doing its utmost to obtain more and more of this energy from hydropower, sun and wind. See [ here ] for more information.