Gliding and diving

You have to dare: take to the air with a glider or one wing. Don't feel like doing that yourself? Then fly with others.
Make your choice.

Wingsuit gliding

Wingsuit Gliding through the 'Crack' Gorge in Switzerland (2011)

Wingsuit Flying Formation in "The Crack" | Miles Above 3.0 (2018)

GoPro Awards: Epic Cloud Cave Wingsuit in Fusion Overcapture


Hang gliding

Freestyle Hang Gliding 150km/hr Water Touch (2013)

Je zult niet geloven wat deze machine | Archaeopteryx (2019)

Hang gliding: first solo flight (2015)


Spectacular Glider Touchdown in Rain (2019)

Exploring Bosnia & Herzegovina by Sailplane (2019)

Low Level Flying at the Beach | Gliding New Zealand Style (2020)

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