About me.

My name is Allard. I'm living in The Netherlands, a beautiful country in Western Europe. I studied geography and history and I have been a teacher for many years. I have traveled all over the world: from New Zealand (family) to Suriname (work), from New York (with my kids) to Greece (holiday) and from Helsinki (work) to Singapore (family).

Because it is much better that we do not travel every 'day', it is sometimes more convenient to just do the journey from your own home: virtually!  The consequence of implementing the 2015 Paris climate agreement is that we all have to travel less around the world, if this is not immediately necessary. In this website I'll take you to the most beautiful places in the world, without having to take the plane or your car.  You also may be afraid of flying or seriously ill. Even then you can see a lot of the world. In that case, also travel virtually.

To check whether you really know something after your virtual visit, I made a (paid) test per destination (available summer 2021). This allows you to check whether you know everything about the country to be visited: the weather, the language, the sights, food and nature.
For all the tests: www.learnclearly.academy

Have fun traveling the world virtually. Maybe you like it that way.

Allard Bijlsma
'virtual travel agency' opdendrieberg | this website is free to visit.
I am making this site purely for fun. A cup of coffee is enough.