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Every week I do add new destinations to the site. Check here regularly to see which destinations are new. 
Do you miss a country or destination? Then please fill in this [ form ].  Maybe, I can add this place quickly.

  • 2021 - july

    new virtual flights (expected): Monster of Loch Ness, Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki, Flying over Belfast, Formula 1: Great Britain, Maeslantkering, Mont Saint-Michel, North Cape, Dabube 10: Vidin to Bucharest, Cape Canaveral, 
  • 2021 - june

    new virtual flights: Goma volcano, Formula 1 - Paul Ricard, Wings of Freedom airshow, Ani, former capital of Armenia, Erasmus Bridge, Irkutsk to Bajkal Lake, Formula 1 - Red Bull, Wings of Freedom airshow, Danube #9: Belgrade (Serbia) to Vidin (Bulgaria), Top 10 Dutch fortified towns, Gaza border, Kilimanjaro, Barringer Meteor Crater, Mexico-US border, Cotton production Aydar lake, Ostpov, Potala Palace Lhase, Pont de Normandie, Olympic Games Tokio 2021, 
  • Geography: more coastal types, more geological themes, 
  • 2021 - may

    new virtual flights: Maasvlakte II, Formula 1 - Barcelona, Bratislava to Budapest (Hungary) Danube #6, Ani, former capital of Armenia, Erasmus Bridge, Irkutsk to Bajkal Lake, Formula 1 - Monaco, Ararat Noah's Ark, The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Budapest to Vukovar (Croatia) Danube #7, Vukovar to Belgrade (Servia) Danube #8, 
    new landings: Rotterdam The Hague, 
  • 2021 - april

    new virtual flights: Three Gorges Dam to Badong, Ferry IJmuiden-Newcastle, Formula 1 - 02 - Italy, Donaueschingen to Ulm (Germany) Danube #1, Visit Ayers Rock, Orange cultivation near Valencia, Ingolstadt to Passau (Germany) Danube #3, Cape Reinga and Cape Brett (NZ), Vienna to Bratislava (Slovakia), Dying city Civita di Bagnoregio, Saint Vincent volcano, Passau to Vienna (Austria) Danube #4, Crazy landing in St. Paul's Cathedral (London), Sigtseeing Kinderdijk, New capital of Egypt (Egypt), Former coal mines in Limburg, Afsluitdijk sea barrier, Mekong Delta Vietnam, Key West to Miami, Chernobyl 1986, Formula 1 - Portugal, 
    new landings: FRA - Frankfurt, 
    new sections: flying over my hometown Ede
  • 2021 - march

  • new virtual flights: The Haringvliet Dam, Brasilia, Sint Maarten, Ischgl ski resort, Amersfoort-Ede by train, fly over all 23 formula 1 circuits, Rotterdam seaport, Dubai, San Andreas Fault, National Park Biesbosch, Easter Island, Curacao, Loch Ness, Utrecht to Nijmegen by railway, Bahrain formula 1, Etna to Stromboli, St. Eustatius, Rome highlights, Mount Fuji, Yangtze River, Borobudur temple, Three Gorges Dam
    new landings: Antalya, Cairo, Beirut, 
    new sections:
    flying over all 2021 formula 1 circuits, in the news | 2021,
  • 2021 - february 

  • new virtual flights: skating on the Weissensee, Aruba, Plitvice Lakes, Bonn to DuisburgDuisburg to Nijmegen, South Georgia Islands
    Geomagnetic North Pole, room for the river Waal, The miracle of Petra, River Lek, Manhattan New York, Municipally of Ede, Mombassa, Flee to Lampedusa, Saba Island, River IJssel to Zwolle,  MTB-route around Ede, Page Salt project, Moeraki Boulders, Bonaire Island, Grand Canyon viewpoint, River Merwede to Rotterdam, From Zwolle to the North Sea
    new landings: Dubai, Eindhoven, Barcelona, Schiphol Amsterdam, 
    new contributions in travel guide:


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