By plane and helicopter

Virtual flying yourself cannot be compared to real flying. Fly with ultralights, helicopters and historic planes.
Make your choice.


Ultralight spiral drop of death (2016)

Ultralight landing in the bad turbulence (2013)

Quicksilver MXL II Sport Ultralight Airplane (2012)


Life As A Helicopter Pilot Flight Vlog (2017)

Home to Airport, by Helicopter (2016)

R44 Helicopter Training 9.8 Hours (2014)

Historic planes

World's Oldest Flying Aeroplane | Blériot XI ( 1909 ) at Sanicole 2017 

90-year-old plane takes flight in Bentonville (2019)

Crawl through a B-29 Superfortress IN FLIGHT! (2017)

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