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All videos made by myself, using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Each flight is linked to a geographic, historical or television theme.
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From Elbrus (highest mountain Europe) via Enguri River to the Black Sea


nr #1 wettest place in the world (India)


Krakatau volcano - between Sumatra and Java (Indonesia)

The Merapi volcano on Java - most active in the country (Indonesia)

A glimpse of Lombok - volcano Rimjani (Indonesia)


Dead Sea - nr #1 deepest place on the surface (Israel/Jordan)


Fukushima - follow the tsunami of 2011 (Japan)

Korea, North

Visit Pyongyang - a strictly forbidden flight (capital of North Korea)


nr #1 highest place in the world (Nepal)

Saudi Arabia

Al Ula heritage - UNESCO world heritage site (Saudi Arabia)


Turkey - Noah's ark on the Ararat

The Dardanelles - from the Aegean Sea to Istanbul (Turkey)

Crossing the Bosporus - between Europe and Asia (Turkey)

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