Tourism worldwide

Tourism is on the rise. In 2018 there were a record 1.4 billion international tourists, according to the World Tourism Organization (UNTWO), an increase of 6% compared to 2017. That does not mean that 1.4 billion people travel abroad for their holidays. . because many people make more than one trip.

But it does mean that tourism is playing an increasingly important role in the global economy. In 2018, it was worth about $ 1.7 trillion (£ 1.3 trillion), or about 2% of total global GDP. Even the UNWTO is struggling to keep up, with a current number far exceeding expectations.

Look into the future
The years 2020 and 2021 are disaster years for global tourism. For the environment, it is to be hoped that after our lockdown, we will not return to the level of 2019 soon. Or that we are faced with a catch-up effect. The time now seems to have come to take a closer look at the effects of our travel behavior and to make a change.


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Travel virtually
If everyone exchanges one planned trip for a virtual trip, global tourism immediately halves. The crisis of 2020/2021 has shown the effect of not flying anymore. This of course has consequences for employment. The type of work within the tourism industry is bound to change. We should therefore continue to go on holiday, but opt more for traveling with a smaller footprint on the environment. Airline tickets will have to become much more expensive. Making a long journey should be something very special and not a last minute decision.


Know about the destination
Travelers must prepare well for the journey, for the country and for the culture in the country. It is strange when one takes a long journey and has no idea where one has been. Learning about a destination can be done in advance and online.