You only need good shoes for walking. Yet there are people who make incredible trips, which you should not think about yourself. in that case, walk virtually with them.
Make your choice.

Hiking trails

My first long distance hiking trail | the Cumbria Way (2019)

Deadliest Hiking Trail in the World | Huashan Mountain (2018)

Eagle Creek Trail - Oregon USA | Stunning Footage (2017)

Long distances

What is the E8? super long distance walking routes (2019)

350 DAYS OF HIKING THROUGH CHINA - The Longest Way (2009)

Walking Across Europe 3145 Kilometers in 5 Months (2018)

Just walking

Walking in the Rain in Manhattan, NYC  (2019)

4K Virtual Forest Walk - 5 Hours Walking in the Woods, Grand Ridge Trail, Issaquah, WA (2018)

Cold Water Swimming & Woodland Walking with Heather // VLOG (2020)

The Netherlands

The long walk south (1/2) - The "Pieterpad" with my dog in December (2018)

4-Daagse Nijmegen - A Timelapse Film (4K) (2015)

Airborne walk Oosterbeek 2014

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