Future of land reclamation

More and more countries are experiencing a lack of space. People mainly live on the coast, so it is logical that countries will reclaim land from the sea there. In this section some clear plans. All videos are directly played on YouTube.

Choose a plan:  (examples of what you can find in YouTube)


Malaysia's $100BN Smart Island City (2019)

Hong Kong International Airport Master Plan 2030

Should cities expand into the sea? (2020)

Land reclamation in the past

How The Dutch Dug Up Their Country From The Sea (2018)

Bahrain's land reclamation controversy | FT World (2014)

China has built the world's largest land reclamation project (2020)

Building Africa's City in the Sea (2019)

The Dutch Land Reclamation: The Most Incredible Infrastructure Project in History (2020)

Monaco's Mediterranean Expansion Explained (2018)

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