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Pampus is an artificial island and late 19th-century sea fort located in the IJmeer near Amsterdam. Pampus now belongs to the municipality of Gooise Meren and is open to visitors. Together with the artillery battery on the lighthouse island near Durgerdam and the battery at the Diemer seawall, Pampus protected the entrance to IJ Bay and the harbour of Amsterdam. Pampus was part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam (Dutch: Stelling van Amsterdam). In 1996, UNESCO designated the entire Defence Line with its 42 forts a World Heritage Site.

Source: Wikipedia.


Pampus fortress

Discover Fort Island Pampus in 4K – an island beyond Amsterdam (2019)

Forteiland Pampus 25-09-2016 (Dutch)

Muiden, Muiderslot en Fort Pampus | Nederland #1 (2017)(Dutch)

By drone

Fort Pampus vanuit de lucht en Westbatterij Muiden (2017)

Forteiland Pampus in the IJmeer (4K) (2015)

Forteiland Pampus in vogelvlucht (2015)

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