By boat

Taking a trip on a boat calms your mind. Sail with a motor yacht, sailing boat, tour boat and canoe.
Make your choice.


Living on a Self-Sufficient Sailboat for 10 Years (2020)

Marker Wadden Sailing Trip (2020)

A SIX MONTHS Mediterranean SAILING STORY in 17 minutes (2020)

Motor yacht tours

Cruising the Canals of Holland 2019 (2019)

Taking Our 44ft SAILBOAT Across The Swedish Mainland (2020)

Sailing through European rivers - May 2017

Short cruise

What's a Viking Rhine Cruise really like? (2017)


Rotterdam Harbour Cruise (2020)


Algonquin Park Backcountry Canoe Trip (2020)

Canoeing in Scotland - 4 Days Wild Camping (2020)

Canoeing the Mad River in Ohio (2018)

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