Due to the increasing lack of space on Earth and a growing difference between rich and poor, more and more people are living in a tiny treehouse. This can be a very simple structure, but also a complete house We visit a number of them. All videos are directly played on YouTube.
Choose a tiny treehouse to visit. (examples of what you can find in YouTube)

Biggest treehouses

Top 5 BIGGEST Treehouses (2019)

Inside The Luxury $200,000 Treehouse (2016)

Behind The Build: Biggest Treehouse Ever! | Treehouse Masters (2015)

Small treehouses

My Treehouse in the jungle is done / a bite of our Christmas (2021)

Tree House Tour - Tiny House Living on Suwannee River (61) (2017)


Mind-Blowing Modern Tiny Tree House Built with Reclaimed Materials (2020)

Incredible tiny house treehouse tour! Raven Loft Treehouse. (2015)

Fully plumbed DIY treehouses & tree-cabin in OR "treesort" (2013)

Building a treehouse

How to build a Treehouse FULL Time lapse VIDEO (2020)

Build Two-Story Ethnic House On Tree (2019)

Build a Modern Kids Treehouse #anawhite (2019)

Treehouse Build Timelapse (2015)

Treehouse Build Timelapse | Start To Finish


Timelapse: Library Treehouse in Texas Hill Country (2018)

For kids only

Coolest Treehouses In The World For Kids (2018)

Dad Builds Dream Indoor Treehouse (2019)

Kids Tree House Tour!!! (2017)

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