Tiny Houses

Due to the increasing lack of space on Earth and a growing difference between rich and poor, more and more people are living in a tiny house: a tiny house. This can be a converted sea container, but also a log cabin or T-house. We visit a number of them. All videos are directly played on YouTube.
Choose a tiny house to visit. (examples of what you can find in YouTube)

Living big in a tiny house

Solo Female Traveller’s Incredible Off-Grid Tiny House Truck (2020)

Couple Build Incredible Handcrafted Tiny House (2020)A

Most Amazing Tiny House Features (2020)

Beautiful tiny houses

Tiny House w/ *secret* Roof Top Deck! | Touring The Little River Tiny House! (2020)

Lakeside Tiny House Tour! | 240sqft Airbnb Tiny Home! (2020)

10 Tiny Homes That Will Blow Your Mind (2020)

Everyone was laughing at his HOUSE, until they went inside... (2018)

17 Year Old Builds Tiny House For Only £6,000! (2020)

Stunning Modern Tiny House in Queensland (2020)

Building a tiny house

Building Off Grid LOG CABIN / Scaffolding and Installing Wind/Water Barrier (S 2 Ep 18) (2020)

Tiny House Build From Start To Finish - Time Lapse (2020)

The Land: Camp vibes and building a DIY cabin from the ground up (2018)

Building A Tiny House In The Mountains - Start to Finish (Story 57) (2020)

Start To Finish TIMELAPSE | Building An Off Grid House (2020)


Underground homes

Most Unbelievable Underground Homes That Actually Exist! (2019)

10 Unbelievable Underground Homes (2016)

Underground dome house of the family who led geese to fly home (2019)

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